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Stop Using Carbon Copies: Five Benefits Of Carbonless Copy Paper

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If you handwrite receipts for your business or if you are a writer who wants two copies of all your notes, you may have been using carbon copy paper in the past. There is currently a more effective solution for this niche, and now, you can use carbonless copy paper. Similar in function to carbon copy paper, carbonless copy paper offers a range of benefits including the following: 1. Using carbonless copy paper is faster than using carbon copy paper When you use carbon copy paper, you have to place a piece of carbon paper between the piece of...

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Why You Should Consider Sidewalk Signs For Your Business Marketing

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When you’re looking at marketing opportunities and ways to increase foot traffic to your business, one of the most cost-effective options for you is a sidewalk sign. Sidewalk signs are a bold way to get the attention of passersby and let them know that you are open. Before you invest hundreds in a marketing plan that doesn’t reach the foot traffic in your area, here are some reasons you should consider a sidewalk sign instead. Targeted Marketing Focus When you use sidewalk signs, the nature of their placement puts them in direct...

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